A New Way to Gear Up and Win

Like many companies, SecondPlay Sports started in a garage. Not in the way you might think, though.

Instead, mine is a story of disarray. I’m talking about the state of my garage. It was mayhem.

One day, I decided to get rid of the clutter and toss everything my family didn’t use. Stepping into the garage, I saw shelves jam-packed with years of retired sports equipment – bats, gloves, helmets, practice gear. You see, three of my daughters played softball throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

How could I toss years of perfectly good equipment?

The truth is, I couldn’t. A quick online search turned up no easy way to get this gear into the hands of young players who could use it.

And so, I decided to put my background as a tech entrepreneur to the test. And build an online marketplace where local families could connect and give new life to retired gear.

Staggering Costs Leaves Kids Stranded

While developing our app, the SecondPlay Sports team learned participation in organized sports is declining in the U.S. The percentage of children ages 6 – 12 playing team sports on a regular basis fell from 41.5% in 2011 to 36.9% in 2016, according to the Aspen Institute’s State of Play 2017 report.

One big reason families opt out: soaring costs.

The economics of youth sports have changed dramatically during the past few decades. Most schools today charge a participation fee of more than $100 per sport. In an era of travel ball, a family pays $800 a year on average in fees, equipment and other expenses for a child to play on a baseball team, the Aspen Institute reports.

Mind-boggling, right?

Save, Sell, Support

Clearly, we needed to expand our focus and find other ways to ease the financial burden. So more kids can get off the couch and into the game. Why?

Because organized sports build lifelong skills for our children. Like leadership, teamwork, perseverance, goal setting ... And let’s not forget the health benefits … friendships … and joy of playing.

Today, SecondPlay Sports is a local marketplace and place you can go to support organized sports in your community.

It’s how families save money. Leagues and teams get more players. And kids with high hopes get into the game.

Whether you shop or sell, everyone wins.

Mike Mason, Founder

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